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personal care assistant duluth mn,

  • Heartland PCA is dedicated to providing quality care, responsive management, solid reputation.
  • Ongoing education, training, individualized care plans.
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Position Purpose:

The Personal Care Assistant performs personal care services to clients unable to live independently in the community without assistance. Clients must be in a stable medical condition and not have acute care needs. The Personal Care Assistant works within the guidelines of a plan of care established by the client, physician, and supervising RN. The PCA reports directly to the RN Supervisor or Director of Nursing.

Qualifications: Professional and Personal:

  • Be at least eighteen (18) years of age
  • Have demonstrated ability to work with little direct supervision and make appropriate judgments.
  • Have demonstrated dependability, tact and ability to follow orders.
  • Possess good interpersonal communication skills.
  • Possess, and maintain good physical and mental health, including current TB testing (refer to Health Screening policy).
  • Have U.S. Citizenship or evidence of alien work permit.
  • Disclose any conviction and criminal history records pertaining to any crime related to the provision of health services or to the occupation of Personal Care Assistant (no candidate who has been convicted of such crimes will be hired.)
  • Must not have jeopardized health and welfare of vulnerable adults through physical abuse, sexual abuse or neglect.
  • Must not misuse or show dependency on mood altering chemicals including alcohol.
  • Must have completed one or more of the following:
    • A Nursing Assistant training program or its equivalent, for which competency as a Nursing Assistant is determined according to a test administered by State Board of Vocational Technical Education or
    • A Homemaker-Home Health Aide training program using a curriculum recommended by Minnesota Department of Health or
    • An accredited educational program for registered nurses or licensed practical nurses or
    • A training program that provides the assistant with skills required to perform Personal Care Assistant services or
    • Determination by the supervising RN that the assistant has the skills required, through training and experience, to perform the personal care services specified under Covered Services in Medical Assistance Manual.

Specific Functions/Responsibilities:

  • Provide bowel and bladder care.
  • Perform skin care, including prophylactic routine and palliative measures documented in plan of care.
  • Assist with range of motion exercises.
  • Provide respiratory assistance.
  • Perform transfers.
  • Assist with bathing, grooming, hair washing necessary for personal hygiene.
  • Perform turning and positioning.
  • Assist with medications (normally self-administered).
  • Apply and maintain prosthetics and orthotics.
  • Clean equipment.
  • Assist with dressing/undressing.
  • Provide assistance with food, nutrition and diet activities.
  • Accompany client to obtain medical diagnoses or treatment.
  • Provide services necessary to maintain client's personal health and safety.
  • Assist client to complete daily living skills such as personal/oral hygiene.
  • Assist with incidental household services,
  • Report changes in the client's condition and needs to the Registered Nurse
  • Complete the appropriate records to document cares given and pertinent observations.
  • Respond and attend to client requests promptly
  • Maintain proper handwashing techniques
  • Maintain a safe client environment.
  • Maintain client confidentiality; treat clients and families with respect.
  • Understand, accept and respond to the emotional needs of each client.
  • Participate in inservice programs to meet compliance requirements.
  • Accept and fulfill assignments with the Company; exercise judgment in accepting assignments.
  • Perform other related duties and responsibilities as deemed necessary.

Personal Care Assistant May Not:

  • Provide services except as employee of an enrolled provider company.
  • Provide services not outlined in the plan of personal care services.
  • Provide services that are not supervised by a Registered Nurse.
  • Provide personal care services to clients for whom they are legal guardians or relatives.
  • Perform sterile procedures.
  • Give injections of fluids into veins, muscles or skin.
  • Provide services in an adult or child foster home without prior approval from the Department of Human Services.

Physical/Environmental Demands:

Heavy physical demands: involves lifting clients, bending, stooping, and stretching. Must be adaptable to a variety of environments and settings in the community. Must assess physical and emotional needs and be able to respond appropriately. Must have dependable transportation.

The personal Independent Living Support Worker (ILS) performs services that develop, maintain and improve the community-living skills of a person. The worker is a direct staff person to address the identified skill development needs of a person in several essential function areas.

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