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Individual Community Living Support

Personalized care for your loved one

Just because your loved one needs living assistance doesn't mean they have to leave their home. With Individual Community Living Support (ICLS) from Heartland PCA, he or she can remain at home while getting the one-on-one, personalized care that's needed.

Work with our care coordinator to develop and manage your loved one's ICLS plan.

ICLS is only available for those 65 and older receiving waiver services.

Exploring the 6 categories of ICLS

There are six service categories of Individual Community Living Support (ICLS), as listed below:


  1. Support with Activities of Daily Living
    This includes providing reminders for eating, grooming, bathing, toileting and dressing.
  2. Household Management Assistance
    This includes assisting with household tasks like cleaning, shopping, meal planning and budgeting.
  3. Health, Safety and Wellness Oversight
    This includes identifying health changes, assisting with medication and assisting with the use of medical devices.
  4. Community Living Engagement
    This includes helping the participant get to and from activities and attend social engagements.
  5. Adaptive Support
    This includes verbal, visual and touch guidance to help the participant complete specific tasks.
  6. Active Cognitive Support
    This includes problem-solving when issues arise within the participant’s care.






We provide care in Duluth, Hibbing, Sandstone, Crookston -- and all of northern MN, making it easy to gain access to our services. Contact us to learn more about our living assistance services.